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The Never-Ending Love Scarf

I designed this scarf to be both a scarf and a hat to keep you warm and snuggly on cold winter months. Why "Never- Ending"?? Well, it's eighty inches long--certainly enough to wrap and wrap and maybe wrap again! And where does the "Love" part come in?? That's my favorite part! All of the proceeds from the sale of this scarf are donated to local women's shelters--so the Love Never Ends!!

Knitters Needed: Thank you to all of my knitting friends who are already helping with this project. If you live in Northern Delaware (or close by) and want to knit one or more of these scarves to sell for charity, please Contact Me for details.


Each of these scarves is one of a kind. Click the heart below to order one now (and please be patient--knitting the love into an eighty-inch, double-sided scarf can take a bit of time).

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