What to Knit? What to Charge?

February 1, 2020

OK so I've discovered that I'm a bit capricious when it comes to knitting. One week I fall in love with a super fine gossamer yarn and knit up a little pink ballet wrap sweater for a baby girl. The yarn is luxurious mohair and silk, not machine washable, will look too adorable for words on your tiny ballerina. Will she only wear it once or twice? Maybe, but that's OK...I LOVE IT!  The next project might be an intricate rolled neck fisherman's sweater for a toddler. The yarn is a great cream colored, medium weight acrylic, machine washable and dryable, guaranteed to stand up to the rigorous schedule of your energetic imp. Then I shift to a bulky quick knit cowl with giant stitches--perfect for the confident friend who wants to stand out in a crowd. Some projects I enjoy more than others, but generally speaking I learn something new from each project and enjoy the process whether it's something simple or a project that would challenge the most skillful knitter.


Now, fast forward to wanting to sell some of my items. Why? Maybe I can cover the cost of materials which means I can do what I love without spending a fortune on yarn. Even better--maybe I would make enough money to cover the cost of my materials AND donate portions of the proceeds to one of my favorite charities. Sounds great, yes? What should I charge all of you fabulous consumers of my work?  Still figuring that out, but here's an example:  Let's take the little pink ballet sweater. The yarn alone costs me $25 and then there's the time spent to knit this tiny creation. Probably took me 20 hours (Is that slow knitting?  Who knows?). The question now is what should I charge if someone likes this sweater as much as I do?  Minimum wage in Delaware is $8.25 but at that rate I would be charging $165 for labor plus the cost of the yarn, plus packaging, etc. Too much I think so I arrive at something that I think is fair: cost of the yarn plus maybe $3/hour, plus a few dollars for my pretty packaging and shipping fees--which gets us to $90 for that little sweater. Some may say that's still too much, but a hand knit piece with love knit into every stitch??? Definitely worth $90 in my biased opinion.



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